Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home Based Business

Marketing Your Work at Home Business

You can have the greatest home based business idea in the world but without the proper business marketing no one knows you exist. You can have a really nice website for your home based business but it will still never be found without a directed business marketing plan.

Effective business marketing is crucial to setting up your home based business for success. However the reason you probably started a home based business was because you did not have much in the way of capital or funds and as result have little to spend on advertising. But you can still get started with an effective business marketing plan-even on a low budget. Here are some ideas for you to consider when it comes to marketing your home based business.

Use your automobile for marketing your home based business. It costs very little to make a large banner and attach it inside the rear window of your vehicle advertising your service, product, and website (if you have a website). You can even have a decal professionally made for a small price. Another thing people do is have magnetic advertising signs that they slap on the sides of their vehicle with the same information. But the rear window really holds a captive audience-especially if they are tailgating you.

Use Email signatures for marketing your home based business. Advertise your product or service on your email signature. It is free.

Make contributions to forums for marketing your business. For example, if your service is web design, participate in one of the many webmaster and web designer forums on the internet by contributing an article giving some technical help to beginners. Include a back link to your website if the forum allows that.

Give away free stuff for marketing your home business. Are you a writer? Give away a free article with the purchase of 10. Are you a software developer? Give away a free utility program. Always include references to your website. Is your home based business the type where you find yourself dealing with the public? Give away some business card calendars (they are really inexpensive). Another free item people like is the business card magnet that they can just post on their refrigerator. People like free stuff. Of course you want to put limits on free stuff but it is an effective way to market your home based business.

Get involved in fund raising events that allow you to advertise. An example of this is a non-profit organization holding a free car wash where those getting their cars washed are handed a bag with advertising flyers. The advertisers give the donations (any reasonable amount) in exchange for their flyers being handed out. The car wash day is busy because people like free car washes and your flyer gets passed out to each of them. The point is that when you get involved in community events, it is a perfect opportunity to advertise your service or product at a minimal cost.

Advertise on free classified directories. Directories such as are good places to advertise because they are free marketing for your home based business. Some will debate as to their value however the advertising is free so what have you lost other than the time to post the ad? Craigslist warns posters to deal locally as this reduces the risks of scams.

The marketing strategy is to get the word out about your home based business product or service to as many as possible at a minimum cost. You are really only limited by your imagination.

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