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Home Based Network Marketing - Recurring Residual Income Secrets

Recurring Income is another term for residual income. In a nutshell, there are three (3) types of income streams that you may have coming into your business.

1. If you do a one-time job, sale or perform a contract, you get paid once and the income stops there.

2. If you do a normal 9 to 5 job, you will continue to get paid as long you continue to work for your employer-often called a linear income. This is the type of income that the majority of workers "enjoy." Even if you are a neurosurgeon, lawyer or engineer, you are only paid as long as you continue working. You stop working and the bank account dwindles.

3. The third type of income is the recurring income where you are paid even after you have stopped working. For example, you wrote a book and as long as your book continues to sell, you will continue to receive royalty income for a work done once.

Majority of rich and affluent people created wealth through a form of recurring income stream. Take singer Michael Jackson for example; he still continues to receive royalty from the sales of his records made decades ago. He can even repackage the same oldies and sell them to generate new income. He doesn't have to spend time in the studio to record new songs in order to have the cash keep flowing in! This is the most ideal situation of the three. We would all like to work once and get paid over and over again. That is the power of recurring income!

The majority of professionals that enjoy this type of income belong to the creative fields such as actors, writers, singers, and inventors.

Unfortunately, not many of us are blessed with the talents Michael Jackson has, let alone the opportunities to be in the lucrative industries. However, there is one budding opportunity for any ordinary individual today to enjoy residual income today in the 21st century.

You've guessed it: it's none other than Network Marketing.

Al Sims is a successful Full-Time Internet Entrepreneur and Author. Al Sims is the founder of Rich LifeStyles Network, a community of Home Based Money Makers, Bosses and Entrepreneurs.
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How To Make Money Working Online

There are many home based businesses that provide a legitimate opportunity to make money working online. People from all walks of life are taking advantage of the internet and all it has to offer as place to do business. There are various reasons why people consider starting an online business such as generating extra income, spending extra time with their family, making a career change, starting a business , and creating a flexible work schedule. These are all appealing reasons to consider starting an online business.

If you are going to start an online business it is going to take discipline. It is not going to be any different from running any other type business. You are going to have put time and effort into your venture if you truly want to truly make money working online. It is easy to stray and waste time on meaningless activities that are not going to contribute to building your business. The key is to focus your efforts on income producing activities.

There are many online businesses that have very attractive compensation programs. In order to take advantage of these programs you need to learn the art of marketing online. Let's face it if you cannot drive traffic to your business you are not going to make money working online. There are many different strategies to market a business online and new strategies are constantly being developed. There are many different strategies available to the internet entrepreneur ranging from free strategies to expensive advertising campaigns.

This is why choosing the right opportunity, with continual support can make all the difference in your ability to succeed. It is up to you to take responsibility for yourself and take action on a daily basis if you truly want to make money working online!

Michael Costa is a successful entrepreneur who enjoys helping other people reach their true potential. He currently coaches people to financial success at www.InnerCircleSite.info.



Home Business Los Angeles-Internet Home Based Businesses That Can Take You From Broke to Millionaire Status

Home Business Los Angeles-Internet Home Based Businesses That Can Take You From Broke to Millionaire Status

Now here is something special for you - Internet home based businesses that can take you from broke to millionaire status.

Not that you have to be broke to start such a business. You could even be a millionaire who just wants to make money on the side.
The interesting thing about these bus

inesses is that you can run them on the Internet. One of the businesses, "Elder caregiver," has a lot of telephone contact. But your marketing and publicity should be via the Internet.
So, let us get started and have a look at these businesses.

Business Office - Many small business owners seek to outsource the day-to-day running of their office. You can take over their office and be well paid for it. Some of the jobs involve order taking, telephone answering, bookkeeping, and publicity. Outsource as much of the work as possible.

Internet Membership Site - You can be in almost any business and run a membership site on the Internet. Your expertise may be in weight loss, child rearing, sky diving, or another area. The idea is to post new information on your membership site regularly. Have a forum with a moderator where members can post comments and ask questions. Accept monthly payment from members. Membership income can quickly add up to a 6-figure income.

Book Publishing Consultant - Many authors are publishing their own books these days. As a book publishing consultant, you would help the author find a book interior designer, a cover artist, a printer, a distributor (for physical books), book reviewers, advertisers, and press release distributors. Have the author fill out a business plan and work with him or her on a marketing plan.

Elder Caregiver - In this business, your clients are the children or relatives of the elderly persons as well as the elderly persons, themselves. The children/relatives pay you by the month to stay in daily telephone contact with the elderly persons. It is important to call them at specific times of the day and be a friend they can count on. If they need help, contact their doctor, pharmacist, or other local person. Charge on a monthly basis with a 3-month minimum.
Booklets/Reports Publisher - Publish your own writing on the Internet. Booklets and reports can be as short as 9 to 19 pages. If they are in a hot niche, you can sell hundreds of thousands of copies for $19.95 each. You can also print up a few thousand copies and market them offline.

Think about topics in areas you know well. Then check online to see how popular they are. This is a winning Internet home business.

There you have it,. These Internet home based businesses that can take you from broke to millionaire status are fun to run. They are easy home businesses that require little start up money.

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Home Business Los Angeles-Eight Easy Home Based Businesses for Low Budget Entrepreneurs

Home Business Los Angeles-Eight Easy Home Based Businesses for Low Budget Entrepreneurs

Money is the main obstacle hovering over the minds of most people who want to start a Home Based Business either Full-time or Part-time. The fear of loosing their hard earned money is the main reason for putting the idea off. If you are one such person then don't give up hope. There are many easy home based businesses you can start with a very low budget, operate successfully and generate a good income.

Some of these could be started on a full-time basis while the others could be operated on a part-time basis to commence with.

Secretarial Service:

Many small businesses cannot afford the luxury of employing accountants, secretaries and other staff to assist them in their day to day work. If you possess skills such as word processing, data entry work, accounting and proof reading, you can start a home based business by having a small home office. You probably have all the equipment you need such as a computer, printer, an Internet connection and a telephone. Prompt and reliable service is what your clients will expect of you.

If you are qualified or very knowledgeable in any particular field then this is a business you can start operating from home. There are many folks out there who have the money but do not have the time or the knowledge to develop their business. You can advice them and get paid for it. Have business cards printed and pass it around at community functions, meetings and seminars whenever you get an opportunity. Let the world know that you are in business.

Selling in eBay:
We have all heard of success stories of thousands of people making a living by selling things in eBay. Huge profits are being made by enterprising people who buy things in the Flea Market, Garage Sales or at discounted prices and selling them in eBay. You too can do the same. Get started by selling the old and discarded items that are in your basement. Honesty and good customer service are the key factors for success here.

Craft Making:
If you are talented and have the ability to make crafts and fancy items with your hands, then you can utilize your talents in making crafts and selling them in Fairs and Community gatherings. There are many people who make a good profit by making unique products that are sought after by wealthy people.

Avon Sales Representative:
Avon is the world's largest direct seller of consumer beauty products mainly for women. They have also started a men's section in 2004. Their products are sold in over 100 countries. They constantly recruit Sales Representatives who have an opportunity of earning a good income working from home.

Tutoring Service:
This is an easy home based business that can be started anytime with hardly any cost to you at all. Today's life style and working hours does not allow parents to devote much time to tutoring their children. If you possess the knowledge, ability and the patience to handle young children, this can be the opportunity you are looking for. Start by giving free tuition, build a good reputation and gradually start charging a fee for your services.

Senior Care Provider:
If you are service minded, like helping people and working with the elderly this is a good business you can think of.. As the life expectancy increases the demand for Senior Care Personnel too keeps on increasing. Caring individuals are in great demand and are sought after by people to look after their elderly parents.

Personal/Errand Service:
There is a great demand for people who can run errands and also do shopping for clients who simply do not have the time or are unable to do it themselves. You can print Flyers and distribute them in the neighborhood and the local community, specifically targeting single parents, busy executives and senior citizens.

Many enterprising people are making a living by operating these low cost easy home based businesses. If you are short of funds, seriously consider these business opportunities, choose one that suits you best, put your best foot forward and get started.

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Work From Home Opportunities

Many people are looking for work from home opportunities . There are many work from home opportunities out there. Some are solid work from home opportunities and some are scams. It's the scams which give work from home opportunities a bad rap. I'm sure you've seen ads promising you the world and ending up not coming through. When looking at work from home opportunities you must do your due diligence.

There are many types of work from home opportunities out there. There are envelope stuffing from home opportunities, filling out surveys, and many others. The thing to understand with these types of work from home opportunities is they will not make you rich and the pay is not great at all. For the amount of time and effort you have to put in, it is just not worth it. You are better off getting a 9 to 5. But there is something much better than using these bogus work from home opportunities.

Instead of looking for these bogus work from home opportunities why not start your own home based business? I know it may sound like a daunting task but in reality it is not. Take what you are doing right now, let's say you are a plumber why not start your own plumbing business? And you can do the same with whatever skill you may have. If you are an IT tech start consulting. The same goes for just about anything. If you have no skills what so ever, which I highly doubt, start training yourself to become an expert in something. The key thing is to start working for yourself instead of somebody else. Most people spend their lives working and making someone else richer. Starting your own part time business is the way to go and it definitely beats these bogus work from home opportunities.
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