Thursday, January 24, 2008

Internet Marketing

Tips to the Perfect Internet Marketing Website Design

By Hugo Fortin

When putting together the perfect internet marketing website design, you have to look at it as a process. There are several different facets of an internet marketing website and each should be considered in steps. In doing so, you can put together a website that is crafted brilliantly and is sure to intrigue visitors.

The very first thing you want to consider is the header to your site. The header is the first thing people see when they get to your site. Because of this, you want to make sure that it stands out.

Make the font much larger than anything else on your site so that it grabs the reader's attention. You can use whatever font you would like, but make sure it is easily readable. Lastly, include some kind of graphic that is small and does not take away from the focus of the text, but makes the title visually appealing.

As for the rest of your content, spread it out throughout the website in short and concise paragraphs. It is intimidating to go to a site that has paragraphs that are several sentences long. Make the font something that is extremely easy to see and make it big enough for people to read.

You will want the most important content to be placed on the upper half of your internet marketing website. The reason for this is because you do not want to rely on visitors scrolling down to read more. If you give them your best stuff toward the top, they will be more inclined to scroll down. And from there, you should bold specific points throughout the text to bring attention to them.

One problem far too many sites have is cluttering the page. Just because you have the ability to put a lot of graphics and banners on your site does not mean you should. It is important that you include some banners and graphics, but make it balance with your content. Too many graphics will clutter the page and make it impossible to see anything.

When placing graphics on your page, try not to group all of the graphics together and all of the content together. Interchanging the two will help the page flow. If you can, try to find graphics that correlate with the content you are talking about.

Lastly, have contact information or a button that is easily detectable on your site that says "Contact Us." The easier you make this for people to see, the more respectable your site will be. It acts as almost a safety to people because it lets them know that you are there for them if needed.

There are several key facets to creating the perfect internet marketing website design, but these are among the top. If you can create a proper balance between graphics and content while grabbing the attention of your visitors with a header, your site will have a lot of success.

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