Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Home Based Business Opportunity

Need a home based business opportunity? Everyone is looking for their next home based business opportunity that will make them rich. Many people jump from business to business looking for the next great thing. They buy into all of the hype of home businesses. They are looking for the next big thing that will make them rich. They join prelaunch after prelaunch in hope that this will be the next great thing that will make them rich. Ten out of ten times they end up not making any money and end up jumping ship to the next big thing.

This cycle normally continues until they get tired and quit. Most people then end up bad mouthing the home business industry. But they are completely missing the point. They fail to learn from their mistakes and end up repeating them.

This brings up a key point. No matter what business you are in you will have to find qualified prospects in order to build a successful business. This is the key. Many business owners miss this point entirely. Which is why 95% of people are not making any money with their home based business opportunity.

That is the only reason you maybe failing. You are not getting qualified prospects. You may also be getting the wrong advice from your upline. If you were told to create a list of your warm market you are being lead the wrong path. Your upline has no clue what he or she is doing.

Don't shoot the messenger. It is just the truth. All of that warm market BS will not work. All that will end up happening is your warm market normally family and friends will put you down for trying something new. This is the worst info your upline can give you.

It is already tough enough as it is to build a business and the last thing you need is for your family and friends to start putting you down. I know because that is the advice I was first given when I joined my first company. Needless to say I did not make a dime.

Regardless of what home based business opportunity you may choose. You will need basic sales and marketing skills. Many people just starting out fail to miss this point completely and just continue to fail. Never understanding why.

Most people are just duplicating failure. They learn worthless techniques from their upline and pass the information down the line, and everyone fails. This is the main reason most people are not making any money.

Once you realize this you are well on your way to making the big bucks many of these companies promise you when you signup. In any business you have, you must have qualified prospects and you must be able to get huge numbers of qualified prospects looking at your business everyday. That is all it takes to be successful with a home based business opportunity.

If you can learn how to attract huge numbers of qualified prospects to your business you will make it. Plain and simple.

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