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Home Business Los Angeles-Home Based Business Tips - Can You Really Learn It All?

Home Business Los Angeles-Home Based Business Tips - Can You Really Learn It All?

Let's make believe that there was one place you could go to in order to learn absolutely everything you would need to run a business from your home...right from startup to the day you get your first $10,000 check from Clickbank, or whoever. If such a place existed, would it really be possible to learn everything that this place had to offer? That is the question I put forth to you today and I am going to do my very best to answer it for you as well. The answer may surprise you.

On a technical level, of course, if the information is there, you can learn it. It's only when information is missing that you end up with the problem of trying to fit the pieces together. But again, we're assuming that this site is complete. It has everything you need. So can you learn it all?

As I said, technically, yes...but the reality is can't. And I will explain why.

The human mind is a fascinating thing. Nobody really totally understands it. Oh we have a pretty decent idea of how it works, but the mind is so complex that nobody has all the answers...not even the experts. But one thing we pretty much agree on is that there is only so much you can retain from your years of learning. Some people have better retention than others. Some are truly gifted. But your average person is going to retain about 10% of what he sees...first time around.

Translated into cold hard numbers, that means that about 10% of the information at this teach all site is going to actually end up being used by your brain. The rest of it is going to fade like yesterday's news. You won't even remember seeing it.

Pretty disheartening...wouldn't you say? Imagine spending $30,000 a year in college and forgetting 90% of everything you learned. Makes you wonder how anybody gets through life. The answer is simple. It's called repetition.

See, in order to really retain anything, we have to go over it again and again and again. This was true with me when I used to memorize speeches for some of the organizations I used to belong to. Some of those speeches took me days to learn. Others took me weeks. The more you have to retain, the longer it will take to retain it.

So let's go back to our site that has all the knowledge in the world about running a business online. The only way we're going to have any real chance of learning everything there is to go over it and then use it on a daily basis. Each day, use a little bit more. Eventually, you will see that your brain has absorbed quite a bit of knowledge. As you do this, and as you use it, you will also see that your business grows. That's when you know that you've REALLY learned all there is...if you could find all the knowledge.

Well, in my signature you'll find a review of what is no doubt the closest thing to total knowledge that I have seen in my 4 plus years of marketing online. I can honestly say that this is one product that truly delivers on its promises.

And coming from me (I hate most of the stuff out there) that is saying quite a lot.
Knowledge can never die...Get as much as you can.

To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim
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